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A Little About Me

Matt Huston is a freelance fiction writer and author.

From an early age, he felt the creative call beckon when he picked up his first Spider-Man comic book and subsequently began writing and drawing his own adventures. The most influential moment came however with the introduction of Dungeons & Dragons through the classic Gold Box video game series, and it was at that point he was hooked on role-playing games.

Shortly after graduating from University, Matt joined the indie video game industry and several years later moved over to mobile app development, where he still works at a software investment firm as a Senior Developer. Throughout that time, he ruminated over fantasy worlds, writing notes, drawing maps, leading him to pursue his passion for creative writing where he could weave his own worlds and stories.

In his free time, Matt is also a passionate motorsports fan, including IndyCar & Formula One. He is also a fan of Star Wars and an avid reader across a variety of genres.